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Product Description

NOVOGLAN Special Foreskin and Penis Care Cream

NOVOGLAN Cream* has been specifically formulated to treat balanitis, thrush and other fungal infections of the foreskin, glans and penis whilst being gentle on these delicate tissues.

If you have a any of the following symptoms on your penis or foreskin:

  • redness
  • dryness
  • itchiness
  • soreness


your Doctor may have diagnosed a condition and may recommend a foreskin cream. NOVOGLAN Special Foreskin and Penis Cream contains a powerful antifungal/antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory ingredient,  Azadirachta indica (known more commonly as neem). Novoglan Cream is specifically formulated to be gentle on the sensitive skin of the penis and foreskin. Do not use any cream that has not been tested and formulated for this sensitive skin. 

When used in accordance with the instructions NOVOGLAN Special Foreskin Cream may assist you in gently and quickly healing your balanitis or thrush. Just apply once or  twice daily for 7 days. If symptoms persist see your Doctor. 

Once your condition improves we recommend the use of the NOVOGLAN Special Foreskin and Penis Soap to reduce the risk of a recurrence. This Soap is gentle enough to use daily all over the body and Neem has been shown in several studies to provide protection against thrush and other fungal conditions.

How Does Novoglan Cream Work?

Novoglan’s active ingredient works by  dampening down the inflammatory process that is triggered by infection. The reduced inflammation means less swelling, soreness and itchiness. Also, the active ingredient has powerful antimicrobial properties which kill bacteria and thrush on contact. 

Novoglan has added additional ingredients that moisturize and soften the foreskin and penis skin to reduce dryness and reduce the risk of tears and cracking. Tears and cracking can lead to further inflammation and infection as well as phimosis (a tight foreskin).

Novoglan Products are Approved for International Shipping to all Countries for personal use.

Do Not Delay Treatment – The Sooner You Start Treatment The Better the Outcome. A long standing problem that is left untreated can cause serious long term problems. If you have any sores or bleeding that do not abate after 7 days, then these must be seen by a competent doctor. If in any doubt see your doctor.






* To avoid confusion all Novoglan Creams contain the same formulation and are equivalent. From time to time subject to stock availability, we reserve the right to substitute identical formulation creams of equal weight and different labels. The formulations are identical, just the labels are different to meet the needs and regulations of different countries.


  • Weight: 120 g

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