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NOVOGLAN Extra Large Air Plunger 50ml

The  NOVOGLAN Gentle Foreskin Stretcher  kit comes with the standard 20ml air plunger which  is sufficient for most men to achieve good results. However, there are some cases where a larger plunger is needed. The Extra Large 50ml air plunger is  designed for this purpose, to allow a much  greater GFS unit inflation.  It should be used only when the 20ml starnard plunger does not achieve the desired size expansion. If you think you need the larger 50ml Extra Large  Air Plunger, we recommend you purchase this together  at the same time to save money on postage. You can also buy this product as part of the NOVOGLAN Complete Foreskin Care Extra Large Phimosis Treatment Package, and  save you even more .

“The Novoglan GFS foreskin stretcher was my last hope before surgery. My urologist told me that my extreme phimosis was requiring a circumcision. With Novoglan I was freed of my discomfort within days, but since my phimosis was extra tight it took almost three weeks to get the results I needed.  I am so happy with the result, there are now 4 months gone by  and I’m still satisfied and I have a  tip for new customers…buy the Extra Large Plunger and  get the  extra balloons when you buy the kit “

David, Australia




  • Weight: 15 g

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