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Treating Phimosis the Modern Way

The Novoglan Foreskin Tissue Expander is powerful, painless and permanent! Keep your foreskin and fix your phimosis.

Award Winning Novoglan

Novoglan is the Product of University led Research & Development into Phimosis

Novoglan is the product of extensive clinical reviews and trials with over 15 years clinical surveillance data in the treatment of phimosis

Early Treatment of Phimosis Leads to Better Outcomes

Treatment with Novoglan is fast, easy, simple & convenient

Novoglan is designed to be used in the privacy of your own home. Stretching takes from as little as 15 mins per day over two weeks.

The Key Things You Need to Know About Phimosis

you will fast-track your knowledge of phimosis & the Novoglan treatment

What is Phimosis?

Phimosis can be a disease of boys or men. We will look at Adult Phimosis today.

Adult Phimosis

Adult phimosis can cause a man to suffer impacting - on his well-being.

Foreskin Stretcher

Medical Scientists have now worked out how to treat uncomplicated phimosis without surgery, in most cases.

About Novoglan Foreskin Stretching

Treating Phimosis the modern way with foreskin tissue expansion

So what is a foreskin stretcher?

A foreskin stretcher (known by Doctors as a foreskin tissue expander) is a tool that is specifically designed to stretch or loosen a foreskin with or without phimosis. The foreskin tissue is capable of adapting to regular pressure over time by increasing the volume of foreskin cells and thereby increasing the circumference of the foreskin. glans with and without foreskinAn increased circumference of the foreskin makes the foreskin looser and more likely to retract without resistance. Foreskin stretchers can be used to treat uncomplicated phimosis or for the preferential loosening of the foreskin.

So what is adult phimosis?

Adult Phimosis is diagnosed when the foreskin tightens and cannot retract normally or safely. There are 6 grades of Adult phimosis. Grade 1 being only very mild and grade 6 being Severe. Grade 6 means there is complete tightness over the Glans with only a pin hole opening to allow body fluids to pass. Classic-phimosis

Phimosis is said to be uncomplicated or complicated. Uncomplicated phimosis is diagnosed when the foreskin is too tight and will not retract safely and there is no inflammation, infection, injury or other disease of the foreskin.

Complicated Phimosis

Complicated phimosis means that the phimosis is either caused by or accompanied by one or more of the following; inflammation, injury, infection or other disease process.

So how do I use a foreskin stretcher to treat phimosis?

It is very important to have your phimosis diagnosed by a doctor who can manage any complications. However, modern foreskin stretching means that uncomplicated phimosis does not require circumcision or other surgery in the first instance. Clinical guidelines for phimosis are slowly changing, but that means in some countries doctors still routinely offer a quick trial with a topical steroid and then surgery to remove the foreskin. This does not have to be the way forward.

So what types of foreskin stretchers can be used to treat phimosis.

Foreskin stretchers can be divided into two categories in the first instance:

  1. foreskin stretchers that work, and
  2. foreskin stretchers that don’t work.

Medical device regulations in most countries are very strict with severe penalties for selling devices that do not comply with the local laws. There are many devices sold online that claim to treat phimosis, however, they are illegal and often dangerous. The reason they are illegal despite being marketed online is that they do not comply with strict safety rules and that is because most of the devices have safety issues that would not pass scrutiny of a medical device regulator. Some devices are surgical skin re-tractors that have been re-purposed and are known to cause damage to the foreskin.

Other devices are re-purposed ear stretching tools. They are not compliant with strict safety requirements and there are numerous reports of users foreskins being injured due to rough texture or rough edges causing abrasions.

Another group of devices are spring loaded. These devices have reportedly caused tearing and cracking of the foreskin. This may be due to the fact that the spring tension is not adjustable and can’t be customized to the needs of each specific user. It is all or nothing approach.

These groups of skin re-tractors, spring loaded stretcher, and ear tunnel devices are collectively grouped in category 2 foreskin stretchers that don’t work. More importantly they are potentially dangerous and unregulated.

We have found in our research that the only known device manufacturer that works closely with local laws to ensure compliance with strict safety laws is the Novoglan Gentle Foreskin Stretcher balloon. This patented device, as previously mentioned, has over 15 years of al real world clinical data reporting on safety, tolerability and efficacy.

The Novoglan Gentle Foreskin Stretcher balloon is the only known current example of a category 1 foreskin stretchers that work. This Novoglan device has been identified as listed on multiple international medical device registers.

When selecting a foreskin stretcher to treat your phimosis, you should always put safety ahead of everything else. Slick marketing presentations may temp you into purchasing a “strong” three or two pronged device, or dozens of ear tunnels or even a super “powerful” spring loaded foreskin device. However, the most important fact about foreskin stretching is that fast and powerful is not the safe and proper treatment process.

Steroid treatment for inflammation is highly effective. However, steroids are very poor at treating phimosis. In 2006 a group of scientists from some of Australia’s most prestigious Universities, undertook testing of a unique balloon foreskin stretcher for men with uncomplicated phimosis.

The researchers discovered that using the balloon in between the inside of the foreskin and the glans for 20 minutes everyday for two weeks, could trigger a loosening of a tight foreskin. This balloon foreskin stretcher was patented around the world and has helped tens of thousands of men all over the world treat their phimosis.

This was a revolutionary breakthrough and for the first time men could have an alternative to circumcision. Post marketing surveillance data of the balloon foreskin stretcher has reported that the device has excellent tolerability, has no reported side effects and effectively loosens the foreskin.

The device is known as the Novoglan Foreskin Stretcher. In medical terms it a medical device indicated for the treatment of phimosis or the preferential loosening of the foreskin. It is a class 1 foreskin tissue expander.

“slow – regular – even pressure over several weeks is the key to effective and safe treatment of phimosis. “

So why should I choose the Novoglan foreskin stretcher ?

From our assessment of the data, the regulatory medical device registers and discussions with senior clinical experts it is clear to us that the patented Novoglan Gentle Foreskin Stretcher is not only fit for purpose and well tolerated, it is a very low risk approach from both the purchase and the use of the device.

The Novoglan company provides a 100% Money Back Guarantee which means no risk to use the device. They also have an excellent level of customer service using chat, phone and email as well a great set of online resources, including videos. Furthermore the independent reviews deliver an average ranking of 4.4 out of 5, which is a remarkable score for such a medical device.

Novoglan Gentle Foreskin Stretcher Kit

So Why is the Novoglan Foreskin Stretcher the # 1 device to treat phimosis?

According to the Novoglan corporate website, Novoglan Gentle Foreskin Stretcher is the number 1 foreskin stretcher to treat phimosis because it is:

  • effective
  • well tolerated
  • user controlled
  • easy to use
  • highest satisfaction
  • used at home and in clinics
  • no discomfort

To learn more go the Novoglan store page at https://store.novoglan.com

Results from our Novoglan research

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Novoglan Customer Satisfaction Rate94%

Does Novoglan Work - Yes?91%

Would You Recommend Novoglan to a Friend? Yes?94%

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How does Novoglan work?

Here is a short video on how Novoglan Foreskin Stretcher works.

The Novoglan Gentle Foreskin Stretcher Video - How to Use Novoglan!

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Novoglan works with a team of medical scientists that specialise in researching treatments for all kinds of problems.

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We have researched the problem of phimosis for the past 20 years. Working with Urologists and Researchers we have identified foreskin Tissue expansion as the best non surgical intervention for phimosis.

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Constantly Reviewing Treatment Data

For over 15 years our team have reviewed treatment data provided by regular surveys of men who have used the Novoglan foreskin product. This helps to inform various product and instructional improvements

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Novoglan Foreskin Stretcher Kit


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Novoglan Complete Care Kit


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Novoglan Complete Care Kit – Extra Large


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Novoglan Foreskin Stretcher

The Novoglan Foreskin Stretcher Kit comes with everything you need to treat your phimosis at home

Full treatment in weeks at home

the Novoglan kits contains everything you need to treat your phimosis in the privacy of your own home. From a little as 15 minutes stretching per day to get excellent results.

Customer Support

The Novoglan customer service team can help you with any question about your product selection, help with using the product or generally support you.

100% Shipping & Money Back Guarantee

Novoglan provides peace of mind with their 100% Money Back Guarantee and 100% Shipping Guarantee.

Novoglan Foreskin Stretcher

Novoglan Gentle Foreskin Stretcher Kit

Novoglan Gentle Foreskin Stretcher Kit

Novoglan Foreskin Treatment Set

Novoglan Foreskin Treatment Set

These accessory products can help you maintain a healthy foreskin.

Novoglan Cream and Soap

Novoglan Cream can soothe and settle a red irritated foreskin and glans prior to treatment with the kit.
Novoglan Soap is specifically designed to keep the pubic region hygienic.

Novoglan Lubricant & Penis Oil

Novoglan Personal Lubricant is designed to be extra gentle on the foreskin & can reduce the risk of phimosis returning.
Novoglan Penis Oil will soothe and soften a rough, cracked or hardened foreskin or glans.

Privacy Guaranteed

Your privacy is guaranteed. We use very discreet shipping without any logos. No one will know whats in the parcel. We never share your data with anyone.

Novoglan Reviews

Novoglan customer reviews across many different forums rate Novoglan very highly. This provides a high level of confidence for our visitors.

I spent 4 weeks walking around with Novoglan in my pants at home! Best thing I have done in ages. My phimosis is treated and it wasn’t a hassle.

— Dan


Novoglan Gentle Foreskin Stretcher device fix my phimosis and removed the suffering I had dealt with for 2 years.

— Rohan


my doctor said circumcision. I got a second opinion. That was to trial some foreskin stretchers. The only one that worked, thankfully, is Novoglan!
David – the first time i opened the box i didn’t quite know what to do. After 20 minutes playing around with the Novoglan device, i got it figured out and never looked back. I’m fixed!

— Sundeep


Novoglan worked for me!

— Brett


I purchased Novoglan in confusion. I had a circumcision as a boy and wanted to see if I could grow more foreskin. Novoglan wasn’t the right product for me. I asked for a refund and got one without any problem. The team at Novoglan were very helpful. I decided to purchase their Novoglan Oil and i have to say, my penis skin feels amazing! Feeling quite lucky to have found this product by chance.

— Danny


Novoglan is an excellent product. It took me 6 weeks to get a full stretch and now my foreskin is perfect!

— Glenn


I spent years suffering from phimosis. I did not want a circumcision. My wife bought me the Novoglan kit. 4 weeks of treatment and I am a very happy man without phimosis.

— Clive


my Urologist suggested I try Novoglan. He said that he has many patients that had used the product and that they had good results. My result is good too. The shipping service was fast and very discreet. Just a plain white box. No one knew what was inside. I was happy with their service.

— Hubert


Stop Sufferring from Phimosis Now!

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