NOVOGLAN Extra Balloon Pack (4 pack)




Product Description

Some men may wish to continue using the NOVOGLAN GFS Device for longer than 14 days. For this reason we offer a Extra Balloon Pack, which contains four additional NOVOGLAN Balloons. We recommend purchasing an Extra Balloon Pack when you buy your NOVOGLAN GFS kit, for peace of mind.

The NOVOGLAN Extra Balloon Pack can be purchased at any time by anyone who has purchased a NOVOGLAN GFS Kit; however, if you purchase the NOVOGLAN Extra Balloon Pack together with the NOVOGLAN GFS Kit, you will only have to pay one amount of postage and handling.



  • Weight: 10 g

4 reviews

Thank you

Posted by Damien on March 25, 2014

This curious little set of extras was perfect for me. Though I should have purchased them with the kit and saved postage.

The price

Posted by Lloyd on February 28, 2014

Guys – these seem a bit pricey, but I guess I do not have a choice :-(

Overall a great product though.

Why not make extra balloons standard

Posted by Richard on February 28, 2014

The product is a great concept. Why don’t you just add the extra balloons in with the same Kit?

{Novoglan Ed Comments – Thanks Richard! We have registered the product with the standard set of balloons and changing that means a great deal of extra regulation. So we provide an extra set for free for the standard kit, and strangely, this does not need government approval! Cheers Ed}


Posted by Roger Trottier on May 17, 2012

The system couln’t exist without the balloons. So they are very necessary to the treatment. They are the ideal part of the system. The idea is really genius since the whole system allows you to go at your own pace and allow for much flexibility. In terms of durability I’ve personally experienced that the life of the balloon is a bit short based on 2 treatments a day for 4 days before the balloon split open.
However a bit expensive in terms of cost and considering the utility of it I am OK with the price.