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Product Description

The Novoglan Foreskin Treatment Formulation:

Novoglan Soap, Cream, Oil and Lubricant has been scientifically formulated to be very gentle on the sensitive tissues of the penis and foreskin. The active ingredient in the cream and soap is Organic Neem Oil that has been carefully and meticulously isolated and reformulated to reduce inflammation, kill microbes and moisturise these highly specialized tissues. The concentration and formulation is critical to the success of these products and is based on years of research and development by Australian University Trained PhD Medical Scientists.

The Personal Lubricant is made to the highest quality hypoallergenic formulation and is filtered no less than 3 times to remove fine particulate that other products often leave in place, and the ingredients have been specifically chosen for their ability to lubricate without causing irritation. There is no substitute for high quality hypo-allergenic Novoglan Personal Lubricant.

The Novoglan Penis & Foreskin Oil is 100% organic and has been specifically formulated to be have a powerful and yet gentle effect on the foreskin and penis.

The Novoglan Penis and Foreskin Product Treatment set is sold as a kit of four products (Cream, Soap, oil & Lubricant) and shipping is free to all countries. Shipping is via our Premium First Class Fully Trackable Service and is shipped overnight as per our shipping terms and conditions:

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Novoglan Penis & Foreskin Treatment Set


  • Weight: 350 g

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