Phimosis Treatment Guidelines

Phimosis Treatment Guidelines

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Phimosis Treatment Pre 2006

Prior to 2006 almost all men who had been suffering from phimosis would have been advised by their health care practitioner to  trial a steroid ointment or cream for up to 10 days. In most cases this steroid treatment would reduce inflammation however, it did not generally cure the phimosis.

Because steroids usually  do not cure phimosis, that meant that prior to 2006 almost all men who needed an intervention to resolve their phimosis needed to have surgery. There are generally two types of foreskin surgery. Firstly, there is partial surgery of the foreskin which usually involves making some incisions in the foreskin to create some ability for the foreskin to stretch. Secondly, the most radical and for the man in many cases, the most damaging is the circumcision procedure. That procedure removes the entire foreskin with all of the nerves and protective function functions that the foreskin delivers to the glans.

There is an excellent two page pdf document that covers these issues about phimosis and surgery – Phimosis fact sheet

Trial a Tropical Steroid First

As a general rule the medical guidelines for treating a tight foreskin is to have a trial with a steroid cream for 10 days and then to review the patient. If the steroid cream has not worked there is the possibility of a further 7 days treatment. If there is no further Improvement then most doctors have been trained to refer the patient for surgery.

Since 2006

This process is referred to as the phimosis treatment guidelines.  In 2006 Novoglan launched a radical new treatment that involved the use of a novel medical device based balloon. This patented balloon is inserted in between the glans and the underside of the foreskin. Once the  the balloon is in position, air is then pumped into the balloon. The patient actually controls the amount of pressure so there is no pain. Once the balloon has been filled to a certain level that the patient is comfortable with and feels a slight stretch, then the balloon is locked in place and left for a period of up to 30 minutes. This procedure is repeated either once or  twice a day for up to 30 minutes. The treatment period can run from two weeks up to 12 weeks.

Most men experience good results within two weeks but a majority will need longer than two weeks and often between 4 and 6 weeks. There is a small group of men who require extended treatment time and that means they could actually require stretching for up to 12 weeks. Although that amount of time is uncommon.

Patented Novoglan Foreskin Stretcher

This new treatment is called the Novoglan  medical device for the treatment of phimosis or for the preferential loosening of the foreskin. Many doctors are so busy with thousands of indications and treatment guidelines that they often don’t have time to consider that a revolutionary new device is available. One of the things that has become extremely remarkable on the Internet is the number of searches for “tight foreskin cure” or “phimosis cure” or “how to treat a tight foreskin” and related search terms. There are millions of such searches   every single day. It is estimated that up to 300 million men will suffer from this condition at some stage in the next ten years.

Circumcision Should Now be a Last Resort

Apart from the fact that circumcision of the foreskin is Radical and often leads to poor outcomes in both pain and discomfort and loss of sensation in the glans and surrounding penis tissue, is  also the significant impact on the mental health and well-being of the man. Sometimes this takes months or years to manifest itself, however, when it does it can lead to lifelong anxiety and other mental health related issues.

Today we are calling on all clinicians to consider an absolutely low-risk option in their treatment guidelines for men with phimosis. If the phimosis has been associated with inflammation or infection, then of course ensure that such diagnosis  has been treated first. It is also sensible to trial the patient on a topical steroid. However, if the steroid has not resulted in the foreskin becoming looser and safely retractable, then we would strongly recommend the use of the novoglan gentle foreskin stretcher for a period of up to 4 weeks before review.

The Novoglan gentle foreskin stretching device has been on the market since 2006 and has an excellent durability and safety profile. The venue manufacturer of the device keeps extensive post marketing surveillance data that  demonstrates that the product is both efficacious and very well tolerated. It’s certainly true that not all men will be cured of their phimosis, however, the majority of men get a very significant result from using the Novoglan device and this leads to excellent satisfaction levels and all the positive mental health benefits that this can bring.

Get an Accurate Diagnosis

We encourage all men who are suffering from phimosis to the doctor get an accurate diagnosis and ensure that any infection, injury or inflammation is managed first. Then have a discussion with your doctor about the Novoglan product. This is a no risk option, because the product has a 100% money back guarantee & a 100% shipping guarantee. If it doesn’t work or if  it doesn’t arrive, you get your money back.

In layman’s terms  we call this a “no-brainer”, because there is no risk to purchase the product and there is all the upside and all the benefits that come from the successful treatment and being able to keep your foreskin.

Once the foreskin  is treated novoglan has a range of products to help you maintain a very healthy for skin. As Novoglan team members are fond of saying,  “a healthy foreskin a healthy mind”.

We look forward to catching up with you on our next blog.

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