NOVOGLAN Special Foreskin Care Soap




Product Description

NOVOGLAN Special Foreskin Care Soap

A mild and naturally moisturising castile soap specifically formulated to use daily for the prevention of male balanitis, skin infections and other inflammatory skin conditions.



Use in the shower or bath to clean the foreskin, penis and surrounding genital region. Ideally used daily and before application of the Novoglan Special Foreskin Care Cream


Castile soap with Neem oil, olive oil, coconut oil and natural sandalwood essence.

WARNING: Pregnant women must not come into contact with this product as it contains Neem oil. Always use a condom during sexual intercourse. Always use as per instructions or medical directions.


  • Weight: 120 g

2 reviews

itchy Penis Gone

Posted by David on April 3, 2014

My Itchy Penis if gone for good! The soap and cream combination worked for me.

Can be used all over

Posted by Jerry - note added to by NOVOGLAN Customer Service on 28th Nov 2012 on April 3, 2014

I started using this product to clean my foreskin and it worked very well. I was prone to thrush infections. Now I also use it on my feet and no more athletes foot. I also use it in the shower as my soap and I have to say it works very well.

It would be great I could get it in a larger size…


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